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Postoperative Late Hearing Deterioration in Cholesteatoma with Labyrinthine Fistulas


Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

J Int Adv Otol 2024; 20: 154-157
DOI: 10.5152/iao.2024.231424
Read: 95 Downloads: 36 Published: 29 March 2024

BACKGROUND: A labyrinthine fistula is a severe complication of middle ear cholesteatoma that can cause profound sensorineural hearing loss and vertigo. However, there is no consensus regarding the transition to postoperative hearing. Although hearing deteriorates gradually with a delay in some cases of labyrinthine fistula, insufficient consideration has been given to this point. We examined perioperative changes in cases of middle ear cholesteatoma with labyrinthine fistulas.

METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 578 patients with middle ear cholesteatoma who underwent tympanoplasty at our hospital between 2016 and 2021. Patients with labyrinthine fistulas were selected; their perioperative bone-conduction hearing was assessed. Fistula depth was determined following the classification reported by Dornhoffer et al. The hearing was compared preoperatively, early postoperatively (3-6 months), and 1 year postoperatively.

RESULTS: Forty-eight patients (8.3%) had labyrinthine fistulas. Regarding depth, 21 cases were type I, 14 were type IIa, 3 were type IIb, and 10 were type III. Preoperative bone-conduction hearing was significantly poor in invasion type IIb or deeper cases. Cases with type IIb or deeper fistulas, multiple fistulas, or vertigo deteriorated postoperatively. Type III cases or those with multiple fistulas deteriorated further from the early postoperative period to 1 year postoperatively. Concerning frequency, 500 and 2000 Hz showed a delayed deterioration.

CONCLUSION: This is a valuable report of delayed hearing loss after surgery in patients with a labyrinthine fistula. This change is associated with the labyrinthine fistula’s depth and multiple fistulas—this is important during preoperative counseling of patients undergoing surgery.

Cite this article as: Takahashi M, Nakazawa T, Kurihara S, Yamamoto K, Yamamoto Y, Kojima H. Postoperative late hearing deterioration in cholesteatoma with labyrinthine fistulas. J Int Adv Otol. 2024;20(2):154-157.

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